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Protect your

many applications

  • Secure your valuables in a few minutes.
  • Easy to set up, easy to use, BenGuard® is a compact and discrete surveillance and warning system. It is tamper-proof, as it is auto protected against breaking, vandalism and power cuts.
  • No wiring, no connections, no phone subscription and no additional costs.
  • You can install BenGuard® independently or connect it to an existing system.

Tamper proof

Totally secure

100% made
in France

-20°C to 65°C
(-4°F to 150°F)

100% humidity

  • Bonzais BenGuard


    Some plants, and especially bonsais, are very rare. BenGuard® is the simple, discrete and efficient way to secure them. Hide the BenGuard® sensor in your plant’s pot.

  • Tableaux BenGuard

    Works of art

    Your painting collection is valuable, and hiding it to protect it would be a shame! BenGuard® allows you to discreetly secure your works of art: place a BenGuard® sensor behind or on the side of the painting you wish to protect, and then make a pairing between the sensor and the BenGuard® Supervisor. At the slightest movement attempt, you are warned by the integrated siren or by your own surveillance system.

  • Statues BenGuard


    BenGuard® is efficient even in open fields and acts like an apiary antitheft device: If there is no electricity nearby, all you have to do is plug the Supervisor on a car or a motorbike battery. This power supply will allow significant autonomy and all attempt of moving an apiary will trigger the alarm. A telephone alarm feature is currently being developed.

  • Objets de valeur BenGuard


    Likewise, secure your valuables at home or at work. The BenGuard® Sensor works inside but just as well and especially outside. Protect your valuables while you allow people to walk nearby: only movement attempts will alert the BenGuard® Supervisor.

BenGuard® is also a safety device:

Protection of exhibited items (on a fair).
Surveillance of machines and construction site equipment.
Protection of funeral items.
Safety device control (e.g. gates, balustrades, etc.). For instance, BenGuard® can secure the ladder of your above-ground swimming pool.

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